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Treatment is a process.  Qualified staff completes an assessment to determine your individual needs.  The assessment helps to pinpoint problem areas that will be the focus for treatment.  After the assessment, an individualized treatment plan with the person’s participation is written.  This plan addresses areas of concern.  Goals and objectives are used to help you know what accomplishments have been met and which have not during the recovery process.   It is a guide or roadmap. 
We provide outpatient services.  This means that people who seek services are not in need of detox and are able to make behavioral changes while remaining at home.  Most attend individual and/or group or family counseling 1-3 times weekly. 
When a person requires a program that is more intense, we assess and refer.  This is a very important function of treatment; to make sure people get the intensity of services they need to get better.

Who is the target for treatment services?

Our commitment is to help people with alcohol and other drug related problems, family members, or significant others of problem users and those at high risk for problem use like youth with behavioral problems.