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Program Overview: 

Many people are addicted to gambling.  Gambling addiction is as pervasive and destructive as drugs and alcohol.  Some individuals may find that they began to use drugs and alcohol due to the environment of gambling institutions, while others may begin a gambling problem while engaged in a drug or alcohol addiction.  Still others may not develop any other addictive disorders.  Services that address the unique attributes of problem gambling or pathological gambling are important to one’s recovery and well-being.Program Details: 

FBHS provides assessment and treatment services tailored to each person.  Outpatient counseling is done to lower the risks involved in gambling.  The professional counseling staff assists each person in developing and implementing a relapse prevention plan.

This program is designed for adults who recognize that gambling has caused problems with interpersonal relationships and/or financial concerns and/or criminal behavior to support gambling activity.   For adolescents who have a gambling problem, services are similarly provided by our youth counselor to address the unique qualities associated with youth gambling problems.