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Program Overview: 

Brighter Day will serve chemically dependent adults (18 and older) men and women of Fairfield County as well as from other counties if treatment is deemed to be more accessible and convenient. If the need arises and adequate clientele exists, we may institute gender specific IOPs.  Each client will receive an assessment to determine their appropriate level of care. This program will assist clients in receiving the appropriate physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral recovery skills in a very structured environment while still remaining at home. Some of our partners have expressed tremendous interest in having their clients attend such a program. Their main interest is to be able to continue to keep the family intact, monitor their progress and not expose the children to any potential threat of emotional trauma. This program will enable clients to achieve, maintain and improve their quality of life for themselves and their families.Program Details: 

Brighter Day will consist of 9 hours of structured services per week with a minimum of three weekly sessions of 3 hours, each typically range from 6-12 weeks. Upon successful completion of Brighter Day, clients will be transferred to level I services for aftercare and recovery-based, relapse prevention maintenance skills. Services are offered to meet the needs of every client. Other discrete services will be provided based on the needs of the client. Experienced and trained clinical professionals will provide effective therapeutic modalities and evidence based practices incorporating services like substance abuse education, intervention and treatment, family dynamics, life skills (communication, interpersonal, and daily living), social/recreation, relationships in recovery and family reunification and self help.