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Program Overview: 

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to take care of ourselves, especially when we are the caregiver of someone (spouse, child, or parent) with an active addiction to alcohol and drugs. We may feel we are doing our best to help, but it only makes the situation worse. We feel confused, taken advantage of, drained, and resentful of our loved one. We forget to take care of ourselves, putting the chemical abuser’s needs first and our own last. Sometimes we wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?” Co-dependency is widely viewed as a condition that develops in childhood due to family roles. It is often seen in a family system in which active addiction is present because co-dependent persons often engage themselves in relationships with persons who are unstable, emotionally needy or possess addictive problems. Professional counseling staff is available to address your concerns and worries, to assist you in taking care of yourself. Often we enable our addicted loved one to remain sick without even knowing it.